Muireann O’Connell jokes that Tommy Bowe has made mother’s “wall of shame”


Pic: Instagram/Muireann O’Connell

Tommy Bowe really has made it!

At least in Muireann O’Connell’s mother Marie’s eyes.

We absolutely adore Marie’s antics and we’re delighted that Muireann chooses to share some moments on social media.

Including the shrine that she has to her famous daughter which the Ireland AM presenter has affectionately dubbed the “wall of shame”.

It is covered in photoshoots that Muireann has done but now there is a little guest on the wall.

Yes, Tomy Bowe has officially made it to the wall as he appeared in a photoshoot with Muireann for The Irish Times.

Underneath the gorgeous image of the pair, Marie has stuck a lovingly handwritten note that reads: ‘Oh Tommy you’re so funny!!!!’

“Hey @tommybowe you made the wall of shame,” Muireann wrote alongside an image of her and Marie posing against the wall in question.


We can’t cope!

“Proud moment!!! Thank you Marie,” Tommy Bowe commented on the post.

It comes after Muireann celebrated the one-year anniversary of her engagement with her mother.

Posting a snap of herself and her mother, with Champaign glasses in hand, Muireann wrote: “A year and a week ago I got proposed to in this very spot… right by the kettle, so celebrating with my mother.”

A relaxed night in for a proposal, how perfect!


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