Multi-Year Bull Market For India On Horizon, Says Market Expert Mathew Verdouw


Green shoots indicating a multi-year bull run in Indian equity markets are becoming apparent despite the prevalent adversities, according to market expert Mathew Verdouw.

“We are talking about a multi-year bull market leading into 2026-27,” Verdouw, a chartered market technician and founder of market analysis platform Optuma, told BQ Prime’s Niraj Shah.

“Obviously, there are a lot of external influences. The situation in Ukraine, the situation with inflation, all of these things need to come under control. We are seeing those signs. When we look at the Nifty, (compared to) when we look at some of the other international markets, we’re seeing multiple up-weeks,” Verdouw said.

According to him, Indian markets have not fallen as much as most other international markets.

The Nifty reclaimed 18,000 levels earlier this week. Bloomberg analysts expect the gauge to reach 20,272.77 within 12 months, with return potential of 12.3%.

India’s stability will bring in more foreign investors to domestic shores, even as other emerging markets manage to catch up, he said.


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