Mumbai Police Uses A Schitt’s Creek Reference To Promote e-Awareness, Leaves The Internet In Splits!


Social media has become one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for brands and organisations to mass communicate with their audiences. Most major brands and large organisations usually have tens of thousands of followers if not millions. Not just private companies, but even government organisations make good use of social media posts to spread awareness and communicate important messages to the public. Recently, the Instagram handle of the Mumbai Police released a video post that went viral due to its hilarious pop-culture reference. Let’s take a look.

In the recent Instagram post released by Mumbai police, they use a reference from the Netflix show Schitt’s Creek, one of the most popular shows of recent times in order to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. The post went viral very swiftly and has gained more than 2600 likes at the time of writing and a large number of comments. The post opens with 3 sentences appearing on the screen, saying; ‘BFFs always share passwords’, ‘My password is my birthday, easier to remember’, and ‘Two-step verification is too much of a hassle’. These sentences are followed by David Rose, a fan-favourite character from Schitt’s Creek appearing on the screen and saying an iconic quote from the show 

‘’I have never heard someone say so many wrong things, one after the other, consecutively, in a row.’’ 

This post sought to highlight the importance of keeping your password secure by avoiding very obvious mistakes such as not sharing passwords with anyone, even close friends and family. The second point in focus is to ensure that you do not set your password as some important date like your birthday or the birthday of your parents, spouse, kids, etc, as these passwords can easily be cracked by potential hackers. As a general rule, passwords should be as random as possible while including multiple numbers and special characters. Thirdly, if a service allows for 2-factor authentication, then it is in your best safety interests to activate 2FA and secure your account to very high-security standards. 

This post left many of their followers amused and people made interesting comments like; ‘Mumbai Police is super cool!’, ‘Omg even Mumbai police watch Schittscreek!’, and ‘This is epic!!’. This isn’t the first time that one of Mumbai Police’s Instagram posts has gone viral as the organisation’s Instagram account often posts relatable memes and trending pop-culture references in order to highlight an important public safety message or raise awareness about important issues. 


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