MW Motors’ Upcoming Luka Electric Coupe Gets A Redesign Before Production Starts


Czech startup MW Motors announced a series of important updates to its Luka EV project including changes to the design, a new electric powertrain, and a revised chassis.

The Luka EV was originally introduced in 2018 but production has yet to start. Weirdly, MW Motors decided to overhaul the car, giving it an early makeover before sales even began. The changes are previewed in a series of renderings which make the EV look more like a toy than an actual car.

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The updated Luka EV (above) compared to the prototype that was unveiled back in 2018 (below).

The Luka EV still looks like an amalgam of classic models from various automakers. However, it trades the old BMW-style nostrils with a new grille that is covered for better aerodynamics. Other changes on the FRP body include the more discreet chrome bumpers, the wider rear fenders that can better accommodate the 17-inch alloy wheels, and the redesigned mirrors.

The fender-mounted round LED headlights and taillights are retained, as with the greenhouse and the narrow-shaped wraparound rear glass. Also, we have to address the fact that due to the MW Motors emblem, the car could easily be mistaken for a classic Volkswagen. Photos or renderings of the interior were not provided, but the company talks about an improved dashboard, larger seats, and more space.

Changes at the back are limited, although the model sits on an upgraded chassis with a heavily reworked electric powertrain.

More important changes are hiding under the body. A new water-cooled electric motor will replace the quad in-wheel motors, and the new battery will allow faster charging rates. The steering, brakes, and chassis have been upgraded for improved safety and handling, in combination with the low center of gravity and the targeted 50/50 weight balance.

Technical specifications including the power output and the estimated range figures will be announced at a later date. The previous version produced a combined 66 hp (50 kW / 67 PS) and could travel up to 300 km (186 miles) between charges.

The first prototype of the upgraded Luka EV will be homologated in the first half of 2023, followed by the start of pre-sales. The company hasn’t detailed pricing, but the official website mentions a starting price of €40,000 ($42,058) for the model that is expected to be offered in both left-hand-drive and right-hand-drive configurations.

MW Motors also produces an EV variant of the UAZ Hunter although the ongoing situation with Russia and its invasion of Ukraine makes it more difficult to sell the Russian off-roader in Europe.

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