Nandan Chakraborty On Tackling India’s Inflationary Woes


India’s demographic and efforts towards digitisation will offer comfort and support as India braves global inflationary headwinds, Nandan Chakraborty said.

India’s inflation is largely due to supply-side issues, unlike the west’s demand-led inflation, which will get resolved over time, Chakraborty said on the sidelines of BQ Prime Future Today Summit.

There will be a renaissance in thermal capacity over the next 3-5 years, Chakraborty, head of strategy at DAM Capital Advisors, said.

Talking of sectors in focus, he termed the financials and consumer discretionary segment as “one of most secular sectors”. “On the other hand, we have sectors that are taking off after a lull of 10 years like auto, realty, etc.”

India faces a steep challenge meeting its global commitments made at the COP summit as it stares at the possibility of reverting to thermal energy, he said.

The Finance Minister, in her speech at Brookings Institute last week, said that India—like several other countries—may revert to thermal energy to fulfil basic electricity requirements.


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