Neo-Classic Or Neo-WTH? You Decide With This 2011 Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe


The history of the Zimmer Motorcars (also known as the Art Zimmer Neo-Classic Motor Car Company) stretches back to the late ’70s, which means that its original vehicles could be considered actual classics. You might not have been aware, though, that the company has continued making cars well into this millennium.

Well, it has, and that means that you now have the opportunity to buy your entry into the rare world of Zimmer ownership. That’s because a Zimmer Golden Spirit based on a 2011 Ford Mustang GT has come up for sale.

Looking just as uncanny as ever, the fine folk over at Zimmer Motorcars saw fit to remove the front clip from a Mustang and add what appears to be a significant amount of length to it. They also added swooping, ’30s style fenders to the front and rear, as well as a faux spare tire at the back and two spares nestled behind the front fenders. You never know when you’ll have multiple flats in a single journey, I suppose.

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The real wheels, meanwhile, are 18-inch, 10-spoke units wrapped in Michelin rubber. Big headlights and a massive hood ornament have also been added to the front, as have nine horns, by my count.

The company also reupholstered the front seats, door cards, and steering wheel in red leather to really give the car that classic feel. Zimmer door sill plates and embroidery can be found throughout the interior.

Despite the old school additions, quite a bit of the 2011 Ford Mustang remains. In addition to the roofline, the donor car’s 5.0-liter Coyote V8 is also retained, which was good for 412 hp (307 kW/418 PS) and 390 lb-ft (529 Nm) of torque from the factory.

Power goes to the rear wheels through an automatic six-speed transmission, all of which is, apparently, enough to get this Zimmer Golden Spirit going sideways. Which raises a philosophical question: if you replaced almost every piece of a Mustang, would it still crash into a crowd when it left a Cars and Coffee?

There’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s to bid for this 2011 Mustang-based Zimmer Golden Spirit, which is offered at no reserve on Bring a Trailer.

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