Nevada Driver Crashes Pontiac While Trying To Pass Fire Trucks To ‘Get To The Scene’ First And Help Out


The bizarre story of a driver who rolled their car while trying to beat fire trucks to the scene of a fire has gone viral. The incident, which happened in Churchill County, Nevada, has caught the attention of many for its ridiculousness and how dangerously misguided the driver was.

The story was posted to a Churchill County Facebook page by the driver herself, but has since been deleted, according to u/Comrade493, who posted alleged screenshots of the driver’s explanation for the bizarre incident.

The driver’s last name has been redacted, but Sarena says she saw and heard fire trucks responding to a call and “gave in to my adrenaline rush of wanting to help whomever however I can.”

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So excited was she, that she started following a fire truck and in her fervor ended up “passing it trying to help it get to the scene.” It’s unclear how she thought she was helping the truck get to the scene, but appears to have realized that she was driving too quickly.

“I TRIED to slow down/maintain control,” she said, blaming the loss of control on bad tires. “I did EVERYTHING I could not to crash/ roll but it was God’s plan so I did what I could to stay safe and alive!!”

Despite the accident, she claimed in later comments that she was not a careless driver, and actually had 100 percent control over the car. It was instead that she was trying to slow down that caused the accident.

According to the Reddit user who posted the screenshots of the story, the fire trucks were headed towards a house fire when this driver decided to “help.” The poster also claims that some fire trucks were forced to stop in order to help her after her car rolled. We have reached out to both the fire and police departments for confirmation on this story and will update if and when we hear back.

Fortunately, no one in the accident or the house fire was seriously injured, but based on her telling of the story, Sarena may have suffered some injuries in the event. She claimed that she was posting to “prove that I’M FINE regardless of being told I wasn’t!! I’M ALIVE BECAUSE I did what I could to stay safe.”

As to exactly what she did to stay safe, she swore that she’s still alive because she “went into it knowing I should duck and brace the best you can ([the Fast & Furious] movies taught me well!)”


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