New BMW Models In Australia Now Have A Five-Year Warranty


All new BMW models sold in Australia now come with a five-year, unlimited-kilometer warranty, replacing the three-year unlimited-kilometer warranty that was previously offered.

The new warranty scheme took effect from November 1, 2022 and BMW Group Australia has also extended the validity period and offered the new warranty to customers who purchased a new BMW, Mini, or BMW motorcycle on or after October 1, 2022.

“The new warranty offering perfectly complements our extensive range of ownership benefits, making the purchase of a new BMW or MINI even more compelling while providing long term peace of mind for our customers during their ownership journey,” BMW Group Australia chief executive Wolfgang Buechel described in a statement. “We selected this time to introduce our new warranty along with the market debut of the seventh generation BMW 7 Series – a vehicle renowned for treating its occupants to peerless levels of luxury, technology and refinement.”

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The car manufacturer will also continue to offer the BMW Service Inclusive (BSI) service for cars and motorcycles and the Mini Service Inclusive (MSI) maintenance plans that allow service and maintenance costs to be covered by a single, one-off advance payment and available in different levels and packages.

These plans use an onboard Condition Based Service system that monitors and calculates the conditions in which a vehicle is used, including mileage, time since the last service, fuel consumption, and how a vehicle is driven in order to determine the maintenance requirements of an individual vehicle.

The new Australian warranty scheme adds to the host of services already offered by the German marque. These include an emergency call function, the full use of café facilities across the country, and a host of digital assistance services that can be accessed through the My BMW App or MINI App.


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