New Ford Mach-E Coupe, Corvette EV, And Tesla Roadster Coming Soon Says Forecaster


We all might be excited about new cars that are coming out in 2023, but automakers themselves have a roadmap that goes far further into the future. Many have a plan for the next generation of a model as the current one is coming out. Now, one firm that specializes in predicting model roadmaps says that we have a lot of great cars to look forward to soon.

That company is AutoForecast Systems and while it’s not directly tied to any automaker, it does tend to get these predictions right more often than not. We’ve already covered how it expects the current generation of the Ford Bronco to end production in 2029. After that, it thinks that we’ll get a new Bronco generation and an all-electric version.

Take a deeper look at Ford though and you’ll see that AFS expects a Mustang Mach-E Coupe to arrive on the scene in 2026. If true, it’ll go into production in July of that year in Cuautitlan, Mexico. That’s where the current Ford Mustang Mach-E is produced so it makes sense that a variant would come from there.

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Another interesting tidbit from the forecast is that AFS thinks Chevrolet will begin its production of the all-electric Corvette in May of 2026. That seems to be in line with other recent reports about the future of Corvette. What’s interesting is that AFS doesn’t say anything about rumors of new sub-brands under Corvette, Escalade, and Camaro.

It’s worth noting once more that these are only predictions and that AFS doesn’t have any direct affiliation with these automakers. While it does tend to get a lot of predictions correct, there are some on this same PDF that seems a little sus to us. Take for example its expectation for Tesla. It says that the next production start date for a new model isn’t going to be the Cybertruck but instead, it’ll be the Roadster.

In fact, it’s evidently coming sooner than anything else we’ve mentioned here. If correct, the two-door super sports car would go into production in July of next year. That would be more shocking than just about anything Cybertruck-related. We haven’t seen any of the telltale signs that production on the Roadster is about to begin and we can’t say that about the Cybertruck.


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