New Kia Pickup Truck Spied Wearing A Mohave Face


It appears that the long-rumored Kia pickup truck is finally starting to take shape, with a camouflaged tester spotted out in the wild. While it’s not clear from these photos if it’s an early development prototype or a test mule, several body panels are clearly sourced from the Mohave SUV, with the dual-cab truck boasting a healthy amount of ground clearance.

In the photos that were shared online by users of Bobaedream and Kia_Club_Official we see that the front end is covered by camouflage but the LED headlights are on and look identical to the ones on the Kia Mohave. The same applies to the Kia emblem, the grille, and the bulged front fenders, although the plastic cladding is missing from around the wheelarches.

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The camouflaged prototype of the pickup (left) looks very similar to the Korean-spec Kia Mohave (right).

Similarly, the A-pillar, the front doors, and the mirrors also appear to be sourced from the ladder-frame SUV, although the tail is new and the ground clearance has been increased. The rear bed is completely covered featuring a boxy shape and a long rear overhang. A pair of Hilux-style taillights are positioned on the corners, leaving room for a proper drop-down tailgate, while the rear differential is also visible from underneath.

The Kia Mohave is based on a ladder-frame chassis and comes fitted with a 3.0-liter diesel engine sending power to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox. While this configuration sounds perfect for a pickup that could rival the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger, it is not clear if the tester is indeed based on the SUV’s underpinnings. In fact, it could be an EV under disguise. After all, the Mohave was originally introduced in 2008 and even though a comprehensive facelift in 2019 brought it on par with Kia’s current design language, it is quite old to be used as a base for a new model.

KIA Has Confirmed Two Electric Pickup Trucks By 2027

Photo Bobadream

As pointed out by The Korean Car Blog, at the Kia Investor Day held last March, the automaker confirmed it would launch two electric pickup trucks among 14 new BEVs set to be unveiled by 2027. One of them would be a “dedicated pickup”, and the other “strategic model for emerging markets”. The pictured vehicle could be a development mule for the latter, hiding its EV nature under Mohave-sourced body panels.

In any case, we will have to be patient until Kia tells us more about its future plans. Fans of the Korean brand have been dreaming about a Kia-branded pickup for years, especially in markets like Australia where the demand for the segment is growing.


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