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New Toyota Land Cruiser Converted In Dual-Cab Pickup By Aussies

An Australian company called Creative Conversions can transform the Toyota Land Cruiser Series 300 into a dual-cab pickup for those who are not satisfied with the practicality of the standard SUV bodystyle.

The process is not as simple as cutting a few bodypanels, since the conversion from a passenger SUV to a NB1 commercial Dual Cab vehicle requires the extension of the wheelbase in order to make room for a proper-sized bed. The company is offering three different options to Land Cruiser owners, designed to cover the needs of those who will use the truck for towing, touring, or working.

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Everything starts by chopping off the rear end of the Land Cruiser, exposing its ladder-frame chassis. This is also being cut, allowing the wheelbase to expand from 700 mm (27.6 inches) to as much as 800 mm (31.5 inches). The longer vehicle is then able to receive a rear bed attachment, which in combination with expanding the rear overhang can measure between 1,800 mm (70.9 inches) to 2,100 mm (82.7 inches) long.

Finally, a custom panel is added at the back with a pickup-style rear windshield. The Land Cruiser retains the stock interior, with the exception of the space behind the second row which is gone. This means you won’t be getting any boot space, however, the remaining part of the original rear wheelarches has been cleverly converted into storage compartments, with additional space for tools on the sides of the bed plus a full-size spare tire underneath.

Creative Conversions which is based in Queensland also upgrades the permitted gross vehicle mass (GVM) figures, increasing them from the stock 3,500 kg (7,716 pounds) to 3,800 kg (8,378 pounds) or 4,495 kg (9,910 pounds). Likewise, towing capacity can be increased from 3,500 kg (7,716 pounds) up to 4,200 kg (9,259 pounds).

While we would be skeptical about sending a brand-new Land Cruiser to the scissors – especially when you consider the cost of the SUV and the long waiting list – the end result is rather convincing and appears to be well-made. After the conversion, the Series 300 looks like a modern reinterpretation of the Series 70 pickup that remains available in markets like Australia and South Africa.

Creative Conversions, which is based in Queensland, says they have already completed two vehicles, with five more waiting in line. Pricing for the conversion starts from $58,300 AUD ($39,195 USD). Add the cost of the donor vehicle which is priced from $89,990 AUD ($60,494 USD) and you get a pickup that is a lot more expensive than your average factory-spec Toyota Hilux, but also larger, more capable, and more eye-catching. You can watch the entire process of building the custom Land Cruiser pickup in the gallery below.

Photos courtesy of Creative Conversions
H/T to WhichCar

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