Next-Gen Aston Martin DB11 Mule Spied For The First Time Wearing The Current Model’s Body


The Aston Martin DB11 might still look gorgeous today but it was originally introduced back in 2016, making it a six-year-old design. Thus, it is logical for the automaker to be working on a new generation, which made its spy debut today in the form of a mule.

The mule is wearing the body of the current DB11, with the exception of a revised front bumper sporting some kind of camouflage on the lower intakes. The active rear spoiler is deployed, while on the tailgate, we can see “Prototype Vehicle” and “UK” stickers showing that this is no regular DB11. The dual tailpipes and the absence of EV stickers show that this is an ICE-powered vehicle.

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The most recent reports suggest that the DB11, alongside the mechanically-related DBS and the smaller Vantage, are set to receive major updates for 2023. Those will include a redesigned exterior and an overhauled interior with new infotainment tech from Mercedes. More importantly, the model will benefit from a revised chassis setup, alongside a fresh engine lineup sourced from AMG.

What we don’t know is whether Aston Martin will consider the updated DB11 a facelift or an all-new generation. Either way, the model will most likely get the new Aston Martin wings emblem that the automaker promised for the “next generation sportscars”.

Aston Martin has pledged for an electrified lineup by 2030 as part of the Racing Green strategy. The first electric vehicle is set to debut in 2025, and there were reports it could serve as an EV replacement for the DB11. However, given that a major update is expected in 2023, the revised DB11 will most likely stay with us for longer. In any case, by 2026, all Aston Martin model lines, including the DB11, will have an electrified powertrain option, meaning a PHEV or a BEV.

Picture credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops


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