Next-Gen Nissan GT-R Envisioned By Independent Designer With R34 And R35 Styling Cues


This story includes a speculative rendering of a Nissan GT-R R36, created by Roman Miah and Avante Design that is neither related to nor endorsed by Nissan.

Nissan has officially confirmed that the GT-R will be getting a new – and probably electrified – generation, but setting aside the limited-production GT-R50 by Italdesign, we haven’t gotten any clue of what it will look like. Independent designer Roman Miah in collaboration with 3D concept artist Avante Design created a digital take on the new R36 GT-R, combining elements from the legendary R34 and the outgoing R35.

The current GT-R has been around for a full 15 years and despite the numerous updates during its lifecycle, it is about time for a new generation. Instead of adopting a futuristic take similar to the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT from 2014, Roman took inspiration from the Skyline GT-R R34 (1999-2002). It is not a secret that people love R34s, as proven by the rising prices of pristine examples in the used car market, so borrowing a few styling cues from that model doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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As described by Roman Miah, his goal was to “recapture the design cues and unmistakable Japanese styling of the iconic Skyline’s of the past, whilst also looking into the future of GT-R”. According to the creator, the project included “a couple of hundred hours of design, development and 3D modeling” in the course of six months, in collaboration with Avanté Design.

The front end of the concept looks like a modernized version of the R34’s face, with a more “wraparound” look and enhanced proportions. The boxy headlights feature more modern LED graphics, the bumper has larger intakes and a pronounced splitter reminiscent of tuned GT-Rs from the past, while the bonnet has a large vent assisting with the aerodynamics.

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The profile is a lot closer to the outgoing R35, with a very similar greenhouse and familiar dynamic lines. It does bring an R34 flavor with the boxy rear fenders, but overall it seems like it could be based on a slightly modified version of the current chassis. The six-spoke Ray TE37 alloy wheels are finished in black, matching the carbon-fiber parts all around the bodywork and contrasting with the silver shade.

Blue accents on the splitter, intakes, brake calipers, side sills, and diffuser bring a colorful touch to the renderings. The tail probably the cleaner and most successful part of the design. The shape, size and positioning of the dual round LED taillights somehow bring to mind the even older R33 generation, although the turbine-style LED graphics are closer to the R34 and R35. The bumper features a large diffuser with dual tailpipes and an F1-style brake light. The swan-neck rear wing has an aftermarket flair, with an extra roof spoiler above the rear windshield. Last but not least, the roof appears to be made of carbon fiber and has a double-bubble design.

We don’t have pictures of the interior, but we can see two blue-painted bucket seats with the R emblem and a right-hand-drive configuration. There is also space at the back for a 2+2 cabin layout, although just like in the R35, we wouldn’t want to be seated at the back.

The project was limited to the styling aspect of the GT-R, so it doesn’t include details about the technical side. Electrification seems inevitable for the next generation of the Godzilla which could trade the V6 for a cleaner hybrid powertrain while retaining the all-wheel-drive capability. Electric motors would certainly increase the power output of the sportscar, bringing it closer to the supercar-killer status that the current generation had when it premiered back in the distant 2007.

Do you like the restomod-style design approach of this independent project or would you prefer something more modern with fewer references to the past? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Renderings supplied by Roman Miah and Avanté Design.


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