Niall Horan and Saoirse Ronan Named As Richest Irish Stars Under 30


Pic: Instagram/Niall Horan

We are always delighted to see one of our own making it big in the entertainment business and we’ve seen a lot of success over the years from talented Irish people.

Heat magazine have compiled a list of the richest celebs aged 30 and under in the UK and Ireland and some of our very own were in the top 25!

Saoirse Ronan, 28, who grew up Ardattin in County Carlow after moving from New York City came in as number 24 on the list with roughly €9.4 million.

With her extremely successful acting career and four Oscar nominations under her belt we’re not surprised to see Saoirse on the list.

She even has a brand new film on the way in 2023, the preview pictures show off her new bright blue locks for the role ‘Rona’, who fresh out of rehab, returns to the wild Orkney Islands after more than a decade away.

She can really do it all!

Pic: StudioCanal

Coming in fourth place on the list was Niall Horan. The One Direction star and singer in his own right is reportedly worth approx €67.9 million!

With his 1D success as well as his solo career Niall is most definitely raking it in, but music isn’t the only string he has to his bow. The Mullingar man also has a golf management company called Modest! Golf Management.

Niall seems to remain down to earth despite his wealth, which was seen in his recent documentary with Lewis Capaldi (who placed 13 on the list with approx €23.6m). The pair travelled around Irleand having the craic, eating chicken fillet rolls, drinking Guinness and playing music, not a sniff of diva off them!

Niall’s former One Direction bandmates all also made the list with Zayn Malik coming in seventh (approx €44.1m), Liam Payne in sixth (approx €55.1m), Louis Tomlinson taking fifth (approx €56.1m) and Harry Styles topping the list as richest UK and Ireland celeb under 30 with approx €134m.




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