Nina Carberry opens up about whether she’ll be coaching her daughters in horse riding


Nina Carberry has recently revealed that her daughters Hollie (3) and Rosie (5) have begun to show interest in horses, which isn’t a major shock considering their parents are jockeys and their aunt is Ruby Walsh!

Although they may not be ready to head into competition just yet, Nina told RSVP Live that her daughters are loving time with their pony, “They do have a pony at home and they sit up on it, they’re mad into looking after it, they love brushing the pony and washing its tail, it’s just about being around them without being afraid. That’s the stage we’re at at the minute, they’re not really competing or anything, that will be a while down the road.”

As for when they are old enough to compete if they’d like to, will they be learning from their parents? Nina continued, “When that time comes, I’ll give them all the skills they need to know and if they want to go down that route I’ll be there for them, but if they don’t I’m not going to force them either. I’ll try and be the best coach I can be for them.”

Although Nina knows the sport can be extremely dangerous at times, she admits you can’t focus on that all the time. Speaking about the tragic loss of 13-year-old young jockey Jack de Bromhead she said, “It was such a tragedy and a tragic accident as well. It doesn’t bear thinking about and it’s hard to get your head around what happened. It’s one of those things that if you start thinking about it, you just won’t do anything.”



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