Nio Launches ET7, EL7, And ET5 EVs In Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, And Sweden


Nio has announced details of its expansion into Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden, confirming that it will launch the ET7, EL7, and ET5 in each market.

The first of these, the Nio ET7, is already available to order in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden with deliveries penciled in for October 16. Pre-orders for the EL7 and ET5 are also open and the EVs will be delivered to customers starting in January and March 2023 respectively.

All three models are underpinned by Nio’s N2 platform the features the automaker’s Banyan Intelligent system, a full-stack technology suite with a computing platform, operating system, vehicle intelligent hardware, intelligent algorithms and applications, while also offering support for over-the-air updates. The trio also features LiDAR, ADAM, and Nio’s supercomputer platform that will eventually offer advanced driver assistance and automatic driving functions on high-speed motorways, in urban areas, parking, and while charging.

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Nio ET5

The vehicles are available through a subscription plan with prices for the ET5 starting at €999 ($972) per month while the ET7 is available from €1,199 ($1,167) and the EL7 is the most expensive at €1,299 ($1,264) per month in Germany. The subscription plan is all inclusive and includes fully-comprehensive insurance, servicing costs, and replacement tires.

To ensure owners are able to charge their vehicles without too much fuss, Nio will establish 120 stations across the four countries throughout 2023. It has also established partnerships with car servicing providers in all major cities of the new countries.

Interestingly, the Nio EL7 is known as the ES7 in China but just hours before the SUV’s launch in Europe, Nio changed its name after a complaint issued by Audi due to the similarity of its name to the German automaker’s S7.

“Serving users in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden is an important step in realizing NIO’s 2025 plan and offering our unique user experience in more countries around the world,” Nio founder, chairman, and chief executive William Li said in a statement. “Our compelling products, game-changing charging and battery swapping services, alongside truly innovative and flexible subscription models, will change the landscape of EVs. Our commitment to the region marks the start of NIO’s next chapter in our global development.”

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