Nissan Altima Flies Onto Car Carrier Truck During Fast And Furious Style Stunt


A stunt most of us have tried in video games like Grand Theft Auto or Crazy Taxi was replicated in real life by a Nissan Altima driver in Venice, Florida. The middle-aged man drove up the car carrier’s ramp and ended up crashing near the top, thankfully without being injured.

According to the Venice Florida Fire Rescue department that published the story on social media, the incident took place on Pinebrook Rd. last Wednesday at around 10:30 p.m. Firefighters were rushed to the scene as the rear end of the Nissan Altima was hanging over the edge of the car carrier truck, “precariously close to falling off”.

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The male driver of the sedan remained inside the vehicle following the accident, as it would be too dangerous for him to step out. Crews secured the front end of the Nissan Altima on the car carrier using industrial straps, and stabilized the rear of the vehicle with a wrecker. Then they safely extricated the driver from the vehicle that had sustained pretty serious damage. The front end appears to be wrecked with a missing bumper and plastic pieces on the street, while the front suspension has seen better days. Luckily the car didn’t fall off the car carrier as things would probably have ended up much worse.

As you would imagine, the middle-aged driver was cited by the Venice Police Department for careless driving. According to the firefighters, the car carrier truck was parked under a street light with its hazard lights on and the ramp down when the Altima went for the big jump. Chances are that this is another case of distracted driving, as no sane person would try such a dangerous stunt in real life.


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