Nissan Suspends Orders Of Z Coupe And Ariya EV In Japan Citing Parts Shortages And COVID


Nissan Japan announced today that it will temporarily stop taking orders for the Ariya B6 (2WD) and the new Fairlady Z, known simply as the Z in the North American market.

The automaker cited a slew of reasons including delays in parts stemming from semiconductor shortages, logistical issues caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and disruption of the supply chain due to unstable global conditions, for its decision to suspend orders of the new vehicles. It said it was making this decision despite “company-wide efforts” to recover from these disruptions.

Nissan added that it has already received many orders for the two-wheel-drive Ariya, which are taking a long time to deliver. With orders streaming in for the Ariya B6 e-4ORCE and B9 limited models, delivery times are only expected to grow longer. The same goes for the new Fairlady Z that will be sold as the Z in overseas markets, whose delivery times will be longer than expected.

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“In light of this situation, in order to ensure that the Nissan Ariya and the new Fairlady Z are delivered to all customers who have ordered so far, we have decided to temporarily suspend orders for both models as of the end of July,” the company said in a statement.

What About North America?

In the U.S., meanwhile, interest in the front-wheel-drive Ariya was strong enough that the company was forced to close its reservation program in May 2022, after having opened it in November 2021. Despite that, Nissan USA says that the Ariya and the Z will arrive in the market as scheduled.

“Nissan is facing various industry challenges, including the semiconductor shortage and the supply chain crisis,” a Nissan spokesperson told Carscoops in an email. “Our priority is to ensure that we deliver the all-new Nissan Ariya and Nissan Z to customers with the highest level of quality and care. The 2023 Nissan Z will go on sale this summer, and the 2023 Ariya front-wheel drive models will go on sale this fall, with all-wheel drive models coming within a few months afterward.”

The 2023 Nissan Z is powered by a 400 hp (298 kW/405 PS) V6 and starts at $39,990 in the U.S. The Nissan Ariya, meanwhile, starts at $45,950 in the U.S. and has an 87 kWh battery pack that powers a 238 hp (177 kW/241 PS) electric motor which turns the front wheels. In its entry-level U.S. trim, it’s estimated to be good for up to 300 miles (483 km) of range.


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