Nissan Z Too ZZZ For You? Try These Tasty Nismo Tuning Parts


The huge markups some dealers are asking for Nissan’s Z coupe suggest plenty of folks like the factory-spec twin-turbo coupe just fine. But at SEMA 2002 Nissan launched a stack of Nismo tuning upgrades for fans who think the base car doesn’t go far enough.

Available through Nissan dealerships from early 2023, the Z tuning options include a Nismo coilover suspension kit with adjustable rebound and damping and ride height, an adjustable anti-roll bar, strut brace, and various other suspension links and arms.

Ready to be bolted to the end of those arms is a Nismo big brake kit consisting of bigger front and rear rotors, six-piston (four at the rear) calipers, stainless steel brake lines, and 19-in LM-RS1 wheels wrapped in Bridgestone RE71RS rubber.

And to put those new stoppers to the test Nissan has also developed a dyno-tested cold air intake for the Z’s 400 hp (406 PS) 3.0-litre V6, though it doesn’t say how many extra ponies it adds, or even whether it adds any at all. One mod sure to help with horsepower in hot weather and in track conditions is a new intercooler that crams in 148 percent more air than the factory item. Other powertrain upgrades available include a 2.25-inch exhaust system and a twin-disc clutch and flywheel kit whose 800 hp (811 PS) and 750 lb-ft (1,017 Nm) load limits leave plenty of room for some wild boost increases.

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Naturally, there are plenty of visual upgrade options on the Nismo menu too. Choose from carbon mirror covers, a Nismo fuel filler cover, kick plates, carbon steering wheel trim, titanium shift knob, carbon engine cover, and more. Or just go all in and get the lot. You’d still end up spending less than the $130k Georgia dealer Scott Evans Nissan wanted to charge for a bone-stock Z.

Nissan’s Frontier has also come under the Nismo spotlight, gaining its own performance accessories, though in this case they’re obviously geared towards off-road, rather than track use. Available parts, some of which are showcased on Nissan’s Nismo Off Road Frontier V8 SEMA show car, include 18 x 9-in wheels, a Nismo roof rack, and off-load LED lighting.


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