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No Lowballers, This Chrysler 300C Is Royalty


The Chrysler 300 might be about to exit production but don’t worry. If you want one that’s sincerely unique and won’t ever be mistaken for an average everyday 300 boy, we have found it. This 2007 example is about as customized as a vehicle can be and tries hard to pull off a Rolls-Royce impersonation.

It’s only thanks to that customization that the seller could ask anywhere near their $25,000 price. Being a 2007 model, this sedan has seen its fair share of road use and shows 110,000 miles on the odometer. To put it lightly, the seller describes the car as “very unique” and “totally customized inside and out.”

Let’s start with the outside which sports multiple custom body panels. The front end is modified to resemble the Rolls-Royce Phantom as much as possible. Instead of the stock rounded off grille and low-set fog lights of the 300, this car sports hard creases and fog lights set just below the also-modified headlights.

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Moving to the side of the sedan we see huge fender flares both fore and aft that seem to have no specific origin. Behind the front wheels you’ll see fake vents and inside of each wheel well rest what we’re guessing are 24-inch gold and purple wheels.

That color combo continues to the door handles and the fabric rooftop which itself holds a complete glass top. The only indication that this is in fact a Chrysler, other than the obvious physical cues, is the brand’s badge on the rear trunk lid.

Inside the car, you’ll find a lot more gold and purple. The seats, door cards, steering wheel, and carpet feature custom purple and white upholstery and trim. The similarly colored dash literally says “Royalty” on the passenger side, while the rear parcel shelf says “KING ME.”

We’re curious about whether any of you think that this is a good deal. If the engine is modified, the seller hasn’t mentioned it in the post. What seems possible is that with all of the money spent on these mods, the seller probably could’ve bought a real luxury saloon, albeit an older one, for the same cost.


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