No place to go: Troubled teens exit detention centers with no home to welcome them


Liz Sawyer, Chris Serres and Maryjo Webster from The Star Tribune report that the closure of many juvenile detention centers leave troubled youth with nowhere to go. They report on why this is happening and what the state is doing about it. 

Alexandra Berzon, Charles Homans and Ken Bensinger from the New York Times have an article, “How Mike Lindell’s Pillow Business Propels the Election Denial Movement.” According to the article, Lindell’s fusion of business and politics have not only influenced pillow sales, but has given him more of a platform for his “far-fetched voting machine theories.”

Brian Bakst from MPR says Scott Jensen and Gov. Tim Walz have more in common than we might realize. They were both raised in small towns, played on sports teams in high school, and lost a parent at a pivotal time in their lives. “The ‘where they came from’ details sometimes get crowded out in campaigns defined by attack ads and deep differences on issues. But they can be illuminating and help explain why political hopefuls see the world as they do.

Tom Olsen from the Duluth News Tribune reports the Duluth Police Department plans to reinforce its drone program. While “Chief Mike Ceynowa said he has seen significant benefits from the technology,” community members share their serious concerns about privacy.

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Fox 9’s Jared Goyette reports on what local unhoused people need in order to survive the upcoming cold months. He speaks to a volunteer that helps distribute supplies to those in encampments.

MPR’s Robyn Katona writes about the benefits of a natural diet and the spirit of indigenous food and cuisine. Robyn talks about their time with members of Catawba First Nation and what they learned about the food there. 

The Washington Post’s Paul Kane reports how Minnesota’s Iron Range has changed politically since the early 2000s and why. A mostly Democratic area that shifted in 2016 with the arrival of Donald Trump. 

Steve Marsh from Mpls.St.Paul Magazine timelines the powerful women that come from Minnesota. From Judy Garland to Suni Lee, influential women have been part of Minnesotan history for decades. 


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