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Nothing To See Here, Just A Lexus LX Being Towed Out Of The Ocean


Off-roaders like the Toyota Land Cruiser or the Lexus LX are pretty capable in terms of wading depth but the owner of this particular example went a little bit too far. As a result, the large SUV needed to be towed out of the sea, revealing a cabin that was completely flooded with salt water.

The video of Lexus fishing was published on Instagram by Khaled Al-Ajmi. The incident supposedly happened in the United Arab Emirates under unknown circumstances. We can’t help but wonder how this previous-gen Lexus LX ended up in the ocean. Maybe the driver misjudged the sea for terrain and drove right through. Thankfully it seems that the driver and the passengers left the sinking Lexus before it was too late.

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The vehicle appears to be damaged at the front, with a deformed fender and bonnet. The Lexus grille has fallen off but this may have been caused by the towing. Speaking of which, we can only imagine the force required to drag this heavyweight vehicle on the wet sand as it was filled up with water.

The moment that the Lexus rests on the beach, bystanders open the doors letting a massive amount of water spill out of the SUV. We can see waterfalls coming out of the doors, gradually revealing the leather-wrapped seats and several items that were left inside the car. While the Lexus doesn’t appear to have sat underwater for a long time, the damage is done and the vehicle is pretty much totaled. Salt water didn’t only flood the cabin but also the engine bay, meaning there is a lot of drying up needed before the vehicle can be dismantled for parts.




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