Now You Can Add Modern Porsche Panamera Power To Your Original Turbo 970 Generation


Porsche Panamera owners, specifically those with the original 970 generation have reason to rejoice today. TurboZentrum has just released a new Stage2 turbocharger upgrade and with it owners can develop as much power as a new Panamera e-Hybrid. Here’s a breakdown of how the tuning company eschews electrification in the name of raw power.

We’ve covered TurboZentrum kits before and they all seem to have one thing in common, big horsepower boosts. In the case of the 970 Panamera, the story is the same. That car’s original twin-turbocharged V8 made a maximum of 562hp (419 kW). This new kit with its revised hybrid turbochargers supports up to 739hp (551 kW).

To achieve that figure, the firm fits a new CNC machined compressor wheel to the turbocharger. On top of it, you’ll find a CNC machined compressor housing for optimized flow. Supporting the entire setup are reinforced journal and thrust bearings.

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TurboZentrum says that its products are unique in the market because instead of simply slapping a bigger compressor wheel into the turbo, it ensures that the compressor wheel itself harmonizes with the rest of the assembly to provide the best possible performance.

While we can’t speak about which competitors it’s targeting with that statement we can confirm that adding a larger turbine wheel without optimizing for it would leave power on the dyno room floor.

In Germany, customers can buy brand new plug-n-play MHI turbochargers for 1.771 € (About $1,700) each (yes each) including VAT, or they can send their used turbochargers in for retrofitment and rebuilding. That second option costs 1,180 € (About $1,133) and both options are available for pre-order right now.

The kit is only available in the UK and Germany for now. US customers will need to continue to lean on manufacturers like Pure Turbochargers that offer similar kits. In Pure’s case, their turbos can support up to 850 hp.

A bunch of folks have looked down on the 970 Panamera as the ugly duckling of the family. Maybe now is the time to go grab one of the turbo models and make it a modern super sedan fast once again.


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