Now You Can Get Your Own Driftable Hoonicorn For Just $395.99


Every time a new Gymkhana video comes out with Ken Block behind the wheel of a monster 4WD rocketship it’s tough not to imagine how cool it would feel to be that skilled behind the wheel of such a beast. Now, thanks to a partnership between Hoonigan and Team Associated, you can get behind the wheel of your very own Hoonicorn RC car for less than $400 – $395.99 to be precise.

This isn’t just any remote-controlled toy car though. The technology underneath this fully-licensed 1965 Ford Mustang body is built for serious speed, performance, and deft handling through the use of the included controller.

For example, the Apex2 chassis that this RC car sits on features real metal ring and pinion gears at each differential for long-lasting durability. In addition, real oil-filled shocks help to soak up the undulating surface beneath the tires which provides consistent grip levels whether drifting or driving at higher speeds.

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A-arm fully independent suspension components allow each tire to adjust on its own as well. A fully-sealed center driveline keeps debris, dirt, and dust out of the system and a 2.5 mm thick plate protects the undercarriage from damage. A Reedy Sport 550 15-turn 3-slot brushed motor provides the thrust for all four wheels and buyers will need to add a battery or select the LiPo Combo which includes a Reedy 7.4V 2S battery.

This 1/10th scale model even includes officially licensed American Racing VF503 wheels to complete the look of the real Hoonicorn Gymkhana car. Externally, it even shows off the same intake, turbochargers, brake rotors, and rear diffuser as the full-scale car. Each one of the cars will come with a Hoonigan “Burnyard” display in the box, but we’ll bet you’ll want to get some scale buildings to go along with it too.

Take a quick look at the clip below and you’ll see why as some of the footage looks almost identical to real Gymkhana videos.

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