One-Off Porsche 911 “Sally Special” Sells At Auction For $3.6 Million


Last week, Porsche unveiled their “Sally Special”, a modern recreation of Sally Carrera from Pixar’s Cars. The car, a heavily modified 992-gen 911 GTS, was styled to look like the 996 911 coupe that Sally was based on, complete with exclusive colors, custom wheels and badging, and Sally’s signature under-spoiler pinstripe tattoo.

Last night, the car went under the hammer at RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction, where it sold for a whopping $3.6 million. That’s 25 times the price of a regular 911 Carrera GTS, which starts at an already not-so-inexpensive $142,600.

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That being said, it’s worth noting that this is more than just a blue 911. Beyond the exclusive “Sally Blue Metallic” paint, Porsche also fabricated custom wheels for the car inspired by the iconic “Turbo Twist” wheels from the 996 generation. There’s also the matter of the color-matched fascia, which replaces the factory black accents with the same blue as the rest of the body. On top of that, while Porsche didn’t try and adapt the 996’s runny egg headlights to fit a 992, they did make the headlight housings chrome instead of the usual black. The final exterior touch is a pinstripe tattoo on the underside of the pop-up spoiler identical to the one Sally had in the movie.

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Porsche also worked their magic on the 911’s interior, which features a host of exclusive materials, trims, and badging. The cabin is finished in Chalk leather and the seats and door cards feature a houndstooth pattern in black, white and blue to match the exterior. Other blue accents include the stitching on the steering wheel, dashboard, and center console.

Elsewhere, there’s special “Sally Carrera” badging in the rear quarter windows, a “Cars” logo on each door card, “Sally Special 001/001” plaque on center console, and a “Kachow! Mode” on the steering wheel rotary control dial.

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The winning buyer also received an extra set of track wheels mounted on a custom-made rack (though we doubt anyone would track their $3.6 million one-off movie car), as well as a custom Porsche Design chronograph, a special indoor car cover, and a book detailing the project’s creation. The proceeds of the sale will go to two charities: Girls Inc., a fund that helps young women across the USA and Canada, and USA for UNHCR, a charity dedicated to helping refugees forced from their homes as a result of the war in Ukraine.


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