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Frequently Asked Questions About eCommerce POS integration

  • How do I integrate a website into my POS system?

There are some very important factors to consider when setting up an eCommerce POS integration. These include data transfer, product descriptions on your website, site speed, sales and inventory reports, email marketing integrations, and scheduling regular inspections of the online store. 

  • Do you need a POS system for an online store?

You need point of sale software to be able to accept online transactions. However, you do not need point of sale hardware to help you accept payments, as the transactions will be made through your eCommerce site.

An integrated point of sale system combines hardware and software that helps businesses process sales and payments and manage inventory, employees, and customers. For companies that have both an online and a physical store, the eCommerce POS integration allows you to synchronize your store information and enable customers to have a seamless shopping experience.

  • Does my business need an eCommerce integration?

Integrating eCommerce operations with your brick-and-mortar sales will allow you to reach a broader audience and sell more. But If you choose to only sell in person at a brick-and-mortar store, you don’t need an eCommerce integration.


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