Opel Is Going To Build This Fan-Designed Rocks E-Xtreme


Opel will build a one-off example of the Rocks-e after running a social media campaign asking for fans to design their ultimate variant of the tiny electric quadricycle.

The winning design of the contest was Lukas Wenzhöfer, a student at the School of Design of Pforzheim University in Germany, who came up with the Rocks e-xtreme. Wenzhöfer actually created his concept back in 2021 and we featured it at the time. We were impressed with the young designer’s creative thinking and evidently, Opel was also impressed.

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The alterations made to the standard Rocks-e are extreme to say the least. For starters, Wenzhöfer equipped the quadricycle with double wishbone suspension at the front end that allows the wheels to sit well out from the rest of the vehicle. The unique wheels are also wrapped in mud-terrain tires and the overall ride height of the Opel has also been jacked up.

The design alterations continue with the fitment of a tubular frame over the cabin that also houses a couple of spotlights and a towering twin-plane rear wing with massive end plates.

The Opel Rocks-e enables young people to be mobile and to enjoy an unfiltered driving experience,” the 26-year-old designer said. “My concept takes these points and moves them to the extreme. The off-road capability promotes the feeling of freedom to reach any destination. And the increased sportiness promises more driving fun to show that electric mobility is more than just a common sense solution.”

As part of the Rocks-e Design Hack concept, the car manufacturer will build a one-off example of the Rocks E-xtreme but has not yet said when it will be ready.

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