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Over 60% of US parents want schools to teach about cryptocurrency

Over 60% of parents in the United States want their children to take cryptocurrency classes right from high school, a recent report by educational platform study.com shows.

The educational platform aggregated the data from 884 American parents and 210 college graduates who participated in a survey. The participants were individuals who had a significant understanding of the cryptocurrency industry.

64% of parents responded in affirmation that cryptocurrencies should be taught in schools. Parents who had crypto investments represented 68% and they had supported their children’s education with an average of $766 earned as profit from their investments.

When asked what was the best time to start crypto education, 24% of the parents representing the majority noted its best to start right from high school.

67%  of college students who participated in the study confirmed that they had crypto investments and had contributed an average of $1,086 to their education using profits from crypto.

The growing interest of students in cryptocurrency aligns with the findings of a study by Investopedia. It found out that 1-in-5 college students used their student loan money to invest in cryptocurrency instead of living expenses.

Crypto education in US schools

As early as 2018, Union Catholic high school had started teaching its students about cryptocurrencies. The class focused on the history of cryptography and blockchain technology.

However, many top universities in the US have already added blockchain and cryptocurrency to their curriculums. Top of the include MIT, the University of Oxford and Harvard University.

Crypto adoption is rising in the US

The US has seen a significant shift in its perception and adoption of cryptocurrency in the past few months.

A Chainalysis report suggests that crypto adoption in the US stands at 14%. Globally, the US has ranked 8th out of 154 countries currently embracing the technology.

Another study also revealed that 33% of Americans own cryptocurrencies, which is a significant rise from the 16% reported by PEW last year.

A significant portion of U.S. investors’ portfolios is in BTC. It is estimated that about 23.3 million Americans own BTC, making the U.S. lead in BTC trading volume globally at $1.5 billion.

Significantly, more young adults have led crypto adoption. A CNBC survey stated that individuals between 15-34 years accounted for 15% of US crypto adoption. PEW research also noted that 3 in 10 Americans between 18-29 years have used, owned or invested in cryptocurrencies.

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