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Over A Dozen New Ford Mustangs And Jeep Wagoneers Stolen From Michigan Assembly Plants On The Same Day

Car thieves went on a rampage this Tuesday in Michigan, as 12-15 new Ford Mustangs were stored from Flat Rock Assembly Plant, and two Jeep Wagoneers were stolen from Stellantis’ Warren plant. The two factories are located within 30 miles of each other, and the incidents occurred around the same time in the early morning hours.

The heist occurred in Woodhaven – across the street from the Flat Rock Plant – at around 2 a.m. in the morning. Attorney and TV/Radio Legal Analyst Charlie Langton published a short video on his Twitter, showing the parking lot. Locals are wondering how did the thieves get access to the area which is surrounded by wire fencing.

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Woodhaven police successfully recovered at least two of the stolen Mustangs, and are now looking for suspects. Deputy Police Chief said to Fox 2 that he believes this wasn’t an isolated incident. Indeed, this isn’t the first time the Flat Rock Assembly Plant is targeted. An additional 4-5 Mustangs were stolen last June – including Shelby GT500 variants – with most of them being recovered after they run out of gas on the highway.

Ford’s Plant Wasn’t The Only Target

The Stellantis truck plant on the other side of metropolitan Detroit was also hit on Tuesday morning. An unknown number of high-spec Jeep Wagoneers were stolen at around 5:30 a.m. According to Warren Police, the guard tried to close the gate but the suspects smashed it and escaped with the stolen SUVs. Two of the stolen Wagoneers were recovered, but at least two more vehicles are still missing. It is not clear if the two heists are related, but police officials talk about a professional gang with a specific plan and experienced leadership.

The lead screenshot was taken from Charlie Langton‘s footage

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