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Party Bus Drives Into Oncoming Traffic, Barrels Through 18 Cars In Chicago

This past week, a party bus driver forced his way through a busy street in Chicago, crashing into over a dozen cars and receiving criminal charges in the process. The 45-year-old was responsible for damaging 18 vehicles including an ambulance, with the total damage amounting to a figure “in the thousands” according to ABC 7 Chicago.

A witness was able to record a video of the incident, which shows the bus scraping its way through multiple oncoming cars as it barrels down the crowded street. Some were lucky enough to walk away with only minor damage, while others sustained enough to be considered totaled. The bus also took a beating as well, with heavy damage to the passenger side of the vehicle.

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Speaking to CBS News, another witness described the events that unfolded while he was with his girlfriend. “We had just gotten out of the car like 30 seconds before, and we saw the driver coming,” he said. “And he took off her mirror. And she had walked up to the sidewalk to see what was going on, and I saw him backing up. So I pulled her away because I didn’t want her to get hit.”

It remains unknown what the driver’s motivations were, or if he was under the influence or perhaps suffering from a medical episode, but it’s worth noting he has two prior felonies on his criminal record. For this incident, he has been charged with reckless driving, failing to reduce speed, leaving the scene of a crime, disregarding traffic control, and felony damage to government property. Thankfully, though, despite the massive amounts of damage to the all the vehicles involved in the incident, no people were harmed.

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