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Places To Visit in Monsoon 2022

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The monsoon has arrived and with it, as every year, rain-bearing clouds moving from the Indian Ocean transform the hard baked earth into something magical. The rains start in the month of June and stay on till September/ October. The relief that showers deliver from the summer heat to both animal and man by magically transforming the landscape is unparalleled.

The monsoons signify renewed life, a time symbolising new hope and new beginnings. The rains symbolise joy and relief. Joy in terms of its mesmerising effect; a new lease of life, while providing relief from the heat and worldly worries.

Although Karnataka is primarily known for its heritage and wildlife, the state also plays as a perfect host during the rains. Karnataka, during monsoons, is among one of the wettest regions in India.

And with the monsoon in full flow in Karnataka, it is easily the perfect time to explore and holiday with your loved ones. Karnataka is truly ‘One State, Many Worlds’ and monsoon in Karnataka is another world that one has to experience.

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