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Polestar 4040 Fictional Study Pays Squared Off Tribute To The Volvo 240


This articled contains independent illustrations created by Jordan Rubinstein-Towler. that are neither related to nor endorsed by Polestar or Volvo.

Starting a new car company isn’t easy yet in just a few short years, Polestar has transformed from the small performance arm of Volvo into a serious player in the electric vehicle space.

Beyond the obvious technical and logistical challenges faced by new car manufacturers, it’s also important for firms to establish a design language that’s unique and appealing. Polestar has done just that by building upon the look of current Volvo models but adding its own dynamism. However, if Polestar ever wants to tweak its design language, it could build something like this, the Polestar 4040 Design Concept created by Jordan Rubinstein-Towler.

In designing the car, Rubinstein-Towler took inspiration from the iconic Volvo 240 Turbo Group A touring cars that were raced back in the mid-1980s.

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The boxy shape of the concept is the first thing that will catch your eye. You’ll then notice just how intriguing the front-end is due to the lack of a grille and instead, a combination of silver and blue panels. The 4040 hasn’t been designed with any visible headlights but a simple set of LEDs would do the trick.

The side profile of the Polestar is also quite intriguing with it depicting a very short front overhang, a set of large silver and blue wheels, small camera instead of wing mirrors, a complete lack of door handles, and very narrow side windows.

Continuing the bold design is a rear-end that features a pronounced ducktail lip spoiler, LED taillights, a bumperette protruding out from the rear, and a diffuser. In addition to rendering the car as a sedan, Rubinstein-Towler has also imagined it as an Estate.


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