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Polestar And Allebike Collaborate On Full Squish High-End Mountain Bike

Many automotive enthusiasts enjoy the thrills of two-wheeled travel as well regardless of whether or not that vehicle has a motor or it’s being powered by pedals alone. Now, Polestar is offering a very limited edition “downcountry” mountain bike in partnership with Swedish manufacturer Allebike. It even features Öhlins dampers, just like the car it’s closely associated with.

Cycling has seen a huge boom since the start of the pandemic and adding a limited-edition bike isn’t something that Polestar alone has thought of. Lamborghini, Porsche, Jeep, Ford, Ferrari, BMW, and others have all crossed over to pedal-powered transportation at times in the past. This new bike from Polestar and Allebike is decidedly very professional though.

At its core, it’s based on the already well-liked Allebike Alpha, a full suspension (or full-squish as mountain bikers will call it) jack-of-all-trades mountain bike. Instead of just slapping some Polestar logos on it and calling it good though, the limited run of just 100 units features revised geometry all on its own.

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That unique frame is built out of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and features a number of mountain-bike-specific design facets. The Öhlins dampers mentioned above combined with a 65-degree headtube angle to make high-speed downhill runs a breeze. Buyers can choose from either XTR or AXS drivetrains but either way, they’ll get a wireless dropper post, carbon wheels, an 810mm handlebar, and a 50mm stem.

“Allebike Alpha Polestar edition offers a fast, fun and steady experience on both uphill and downhill trails, and puts a smile on the face of every rider. As a Swedish bicycle manufacturer, we are proud to work closely with fellow Swedes Polestar and Öhlins in this project and we are all equally obsessed by tuning every little detail to perfection,” says Alexander Blomqvist, Head of Design and Co-founder of Allebike.

As of this writing, it seems that only one medium-ish size is available which makes sense considering the super-low production volume. Two matte colors called Space and Snow are available and the bike starts at 99,000 Kr or about $9,375. That might sound like a lot but one of Lamborghini’s last bicycles will cost you something like $17,500 on the used market. In that light, this new Polestar Allebike seems like a good deal.

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