Police Stopped This Dilapidated Nissan Skyline And Quickly Impounded It


Australian police have impounded the car and license of a 27-year-old for driving around in a Nissan that just looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

The man was spotted by Victoria Police in the small country town of Lara just after 3:30 a.m. on October 31. When asked where he had come from, the owner said he was driving from Manor Lakes, approximately 38 km (23.6 miles) from where he was stopped.

The white R34-generation Nissan Skyline has clearly seen better days. In fact, the entire front fascia, grille, and intakes, and headlights are missing and the car has been equipped with an aftermarket hood and intercooler. We can also see that it is sitting on a set of mis-matched wheels and that one of the front quarter panels appears quite loose.

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We can also see that the driver’s side rear quarter panel has been badly dented and that the rear bumper and one of the taillights is also missing. It’s surprising that the driver managed to travel so far in the car without hitting something or being hit by another motorist due to the lack of lights.

Victoria Police immediately impounded the car at a cost of $1,134 and the 27-year-old’s license was immediately suspended. Police also discovered that the man’s required alcohol interlock device was not present in the car.

He has been charged with driving whilst suspended, driving unregistered, and for failing to have an interlock. The man was released on bail and will appear at Werribee Magistrates’ Court on November 16.


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