Porsche 911 Carrera Panamericana, Toyota Canada’s GR Corolla MORIZO Applications, And 2023 Hyundai Grandeur: Your Morning Brief


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Broken Key Fob And No Cellular Service Keeps ‘Always Sunny’ Actor’s Tesla Stuck In A Garage

Actor Glenn Howerton, famous for his roles in A.P. Bio and ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,’ is not best pleased with his Tesla nor the company’s efforts to help. According to Howerton, after his Tesla’s keyfob broke, he chose to use his phone to lock the vehicle. However, that choice became a problem when the actor decided to park it at the bottom of a parking garage which had no cell reception, as both the phone and the car must have signal to work. There were more issues too, with the actor eventually having to call a special tow truck to remove the vehicle. CarScoops has reached out to Tesla for more info.

New Porsche 911 Carrera Panamericana Is A One-Off Homage Special

The Porsche 911 Panamericana is a one-off special commissioned by Porsche Latin America and Porsche Mexico, celebrating the success of the 356 S Cabriolet in 1952. The car is finished in Gentian blue metallic, while the wheels match with a grey center. The car’s brake calipers are black, and there are two roundels bearing the No. 11 on the side. The 911 Carrera Panamericana Special will eventually be auctioned off in 2023, with part of the money raised by the sale going to charitable foundations.

Want A GR Corolla MORIZO In Canada? You Have To Apply And Convince Toyota You’re Socially Worthy

While in the US, markups may prove to be prohibitive when trying to obtain one of the limited GR Corolla MORIZO Editions, over in Canada, there’s a different kind of hurdle to overcome. Adopting a similar strategy that Ford employed to weed out the resellers from the genuine enthusiasts, Toyota is asking customers to enter a contest, which includes filling out a survey with questions such as how many performance cars they’ve previously owned, how they’ll use their car, and what their “favorite Canadian stretch of road to drive on” is.

Toyota RAV4 Joins The GR Sport Range In Europe With Sporty Looks And A Tighter Suspension

Europe’s GR Sport range has just got a bit bigger with the introduction of the Toyota RAV4. It joins other models such as the euro-market Yaris, Yaris Cross, Corolla, C-HR, and Hilux, with the emphasis mostly on appearance but with a bit of chassis tuning too. It features 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, black details around the car, and a new set of sports seats inside. The shocks and springs are stiffer, although the engine output remains unchanged.

2023 Hyundai Grandeur/Azera Unveiled In Korea With Almost Genesis Levels Of Luxury

Hyundai has introduced its South Korean home market to the all-new 2023 Grandeur sedan, a model which is also known as the Azera outside its home market. The Grandeur features a full LED lightbar at the front, with a full-length grille and headlights positioned right under. The wheelbase is long, giving the sedan low and purposeful proportions, while at the back there’s another lightbar for the taillights. The cabin is as luxurious as you’d expect too if perhaps a notch below some of the offerings from Genesis.

Vaporware? Ford Official Says The Tesla Roadster Is Hard To Catch Because It “Doesn’t Exist”

Ford’s outspoken North America Product Communications director, Mike Levine, has fired off another shot in Tesla’s direction, this time regarding the much-delayed Tesla Roadster. Responding to a tweet from a Tesla stock stan, showing the Tesla Roadster and saying “Catch Me If You Can $TSLA,” Levine mocked the MIA product by saying “I agree! It’s hard to catch something that doesn’t exist, no matter how fast it drains $50K from your bank account.”

What Else Is Making The News

TikTok Rasises Minimum Age To Stream

Social media platform TikTok has raised the minimum age to live stream from 16 to 18. It follows a BBC News investigation that found that children were begging for donations from Syrian aid camps, with TikTok pocketing up to 70 percent of the funds.

“Sentient” Google App Launched In The UK

A limited form of Google’s Lamda artificial intelligence chatbot has been released for download in the UK. The program was once claimed to be sentient by a former Google engineer, but the company has maintained that the chatbots have no independent thoughts and feelings.



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