Porsche 944-Based Heynsdyk F2500 Has Bespoke Bodywork, Mini Headlights And Alfa Romeo Taillights


It seems that independently of the time someone spends browsing cars, there is always something new and wildly peculiar out there waiting to be discovered. This is the case with the pictured Heynsdyk F2500, a limited production special based on the Porsche 944 that is currently listed for sale.

According to the listing on Catawiki, Heyndsdyk was a short-lived car brand from the Netherlands. Between 2010 and 2012, the company built 14 examples of the F2500 plus an unfinished one which is now going under the hammer after receiving a complete restoration. In fact, the current owner acquired it in the bankruptcy auction, and kept it in a heated warehouse until he decided to restore it.

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The exterior of the car is completely bespoke, and you won’t find a single body panel shared with the Porsche 944. The donor car has been converted to a two-seater roadster with a short retro-style windscreen and the total absence of a roof. The face of the car kind of looks like a bloated fish, due to the round headlights sourced from a first-gen MINI Cooper and the mouth-shaped grille. Moreover, the entire front end (bonnet, bumper, fenders) is a single body panel.

The profile is characterized by the sporty gills behind the front wheels and the faux intakes behind the custom door. The dropping tail is inspired by classic Porsche models, but the taillights appear to be sourced from an Alfa Romeo 159. We can also see dual tailpipes integrated within the sleek rear bumper and a pair of faux vents that would look better if they were painted black.

Surprisingly, the interior of this Heynsdyk F2500 is not sourced from the donor car, which is often the case with low-volume rebodied specials. The original instruments have been relocated on a new dashboard alongside new knobs and switches. Amenities include a JBL sound system, an exposed glovebox, leather-wrapped seats, custom floor mats, and not much else. After all, this car is not intended for daily use, unless you live in a rain-free zone.

This particular model is using the underpinnings of a 1984 Porsche 944, including the original 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 161 hp (120 kW / 163 PS). The current owner has rebuilt the engine, installed new brakes, original Porsche wheels, and a new exhaust. The odometer reads 27,600 km (17,150 miles), with the mechanical components reportedly being in very good condition.

The pictured Heynsdyk F2500 is located in Lanaken, Belgium. Currently, the highest bid is €26,000 ($26,118), but the estimated value is between €44,000-48,500 ($44,711-49,284). A brief online search revealed that another example in a different color was sold back in 2016, but other models from the limited-production run are nowhere to be found.

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