Porsche CEO Confirms New Hypercar Is Coming After 2025


While the GT2 RS and the GT3 RS variants of the 911 are amazingly fast, Porsche fans are dreaming of a new flagship model in the lines of the Carrera GT and the 918 Spyder. Thankfully, such a project is under development, although it won’t reach production before 2025 as Porsche prioritizes other EV launches.

The new halo model was confirmed to be under development by Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume. In an interview with Car Magazine he said: “The hypercar is always a part of Porsche’s strategy” adding that “Porsche was always successful with this kind of hypercar showing what is possible, showing future technologies, cutting-edge products”.

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The Porsche 918 RS is one of the canceled projects that could lead to a successor for the 918 Spyder.

While a new hypercar from Zuffenhausen is certainly good news, the project is not as close to production status as one would hope. Blume said they are now “concentrating on electromobility” with many new products coming up in the next few years. It is only after those EV launches that Porsche will leverage “when will be the right moment” for the new hypercar and which “cutting edge” technologies will be highlighted in it. Blume became more specific saying that the new flagship won’t come before 2025.

While it is too early to talk about specs, there is a high chance that the new Porsche hypercar will use a fully electric powertrain. In previous statements, the CEO made it clear that Porsche is investing in high-power and high-density battery cells which could be used in a high-performance model in the second half of the decade.

The Porsche Vision 920 concept is based on the LMP1 race car.

Looking back to the Porsche lineage, every decade had its own “flagship” model. The Porsche 959 appeared in 1986, the ultra-limited track-focused 911 GT1 Strassenversion followed in 1997, the Carrera GT was introduced in 2003, and the latest 918 Spyder entered production in 2013 featuring a hybrid powertrain. Honouring tradition, the next chapter will be written by the yet-unnamed model before the end of the decade.

In the past years, Porsche showed us several “secret” concepts that could fulfill the role of a flagship hypercar including the 918 RS and the 919 Street, the 917 Living Legend, and the Vision 920. More recently, the automaker revealed the Vision GT concept for the Gran Turismo gaming series, featuring a quad-motor EV powertrain producing 1,274 hp (950 kW / 1,292 PS).


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