Porsche Has Managed To Stuff Another New Screen Into The 2024 Macan EV


New spy photos of the all-electric Porsche Macan have been captured by our intrepid spy photographers. In addition to giving us our best look yet at the high-performance crossover’s interior, they show an odd new feature that we haven’t seen before.

Photos taken through an open window show the cabin from the passenger side. As we’ve seen before (and come to expect from the modern automotive industry), the Porsche Macan will have an infotainment screen between the passenger and the driver, and a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. So far, so normal.

These photos, however, reveal another curious feature hidden behind the steering wheel. Located ahead of the instrument cluster and just above the hub of the steering wheel, the protuberance appears to have a small, short and wide screen at the front. While we, unfortunately, can’t see what’s on it, our imaginations can run wild with possible uses for such a screen, ranging from a state of charge gauge to a new form of communication with the driver for an advanced driver assistance function.

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Annoyingly, the rest of the interior in the above photo is still mostly covered in camouflage. Another pair of shots (below) show more of the interior, albeit from a greater distance and behind a closed window.

In these photos, though, the analog clock offered on Porsche‘s Sport Chrono package can be seen, as can more of the dash. Uncovered by fabric, we have our best look yet at the unit, and how it wraps around the instrument screen in a rather ornate way.

Porsche has revealed that the all-electric Macan will sit on a new platform with a 100 kWh battery that has ultra-fast charging capabilities being standard across the range. Dual motors, meanwhile, will give it up to 603 hp (450 kW/611 PS), which should help the crossover hustle. We could also see an ‘overboost’ function similar to the one offered on the Taycan Turbo S that temporarily raises peak output and torque.

Unfortunately, Porsche was unable to hustle quite enough to launch the vehicle on time. Actually, more accurately, it was Volkswagen’s software team that was unable to have its part of the project ready on time, and delayed the unveiling of the Macan until 2024.

Photo credit: CarPix for Carscoops


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