Porsche Shamed As Least Reliable Brand, Worse Even Than Jaguar, Land Rover And Alfa Romeo


Proud Porsche owners often love to keep their pride and joy locked up safe in a garage, but many Porsches spend far too much time in an entirely different kind of garage according to the findings of a new reliability study.

UK warranty provider Warrantywise analyzed data from over 131,000 extended warranty plans, using data about the price and frequency of repairs during 2021 and 2022 to assign a reliability score to each marque.

And coming on top, which is really bottom, of that list is Porsche. The German brand’s reputation for engineering quality wasn’t borne out by Warrantywise’s results, with Porsche scoring just 35.1 out of a possible 100, and being ranked as even more unreliable than Land Rover, Jaguar, and Alfa Romeo.

If there’s any consolation for Porsche, it’s that the highest repair cost attributed to one of the brand’s cars came in at £10,785 ($13,129). Although still a terrifying amount of cash, it was less than half of the highest repair bill on a Land Rover product. That was a shocking £23,890 ($29,083) for electrical system repairs (what the hell did they do, rewire it with gold cables?), while the most expensive fix on a Jaguar cost £16,990 ($20,684), helping it bag the third place in Warrantywise’s hall of shame. And if you think those numbers are bad, bear in mind that Warrantywise cautions that a significant recent rise in the price of labor and parts means next year’s figures could be even higher.

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Asian brands proved most dependable, securing the top five spots at the other end of the table and helping quash the notion that cheaper cars have less engineering integrity.

“Premium prices really do make for premium costs, as is evident from the data in the Reliability Index,” said Warrantywise CEO, Lawrence Whittaker. “And, with more technology in high-end cars than ever before, we suppose it’s only natural that they require a bit more TLC than normal.”


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