Porsche Taycan Sets Record, Visits 14 Countries In 24 Hours


What Car? journalists Neil Winn and Doug Revolta have set a new (unverified) world record for the most countries visited in 24 hours in an electric vehicle. The duo visited 14 countries in one day, surpassing even their own expectations.

“I knew before we set off that everything would need to go perfectly for us to achieve the initial goal of traveling through 13 countries in 24 hours,” said Winn. “So you can imagine our surprise when we decided to do 14 because we were so far ahead of time.”

Winn says that, although it’s impossible to get timed records officially verified on public roads, their research suggested that no one else has visited as many countries in a single day in an EV as they just managed in their Porsche Taycan Performance Battery Plus.

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Unsurprisingly, the record took place in Europe, starting in the Netherlands and took them to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Serbia.

In total, the journalists covered 1,199 miles (1,930 km) in their Taycan, managing an average moving speed of 61 mph (98 km) and an overall average speed of 49.9 mph (80.3 km/h). That was achieved despite stopping seven times at ultra-fast 350 kW chargers during their trip.

“We hear a lot from our readers about electric car charging problems, range anxiety and general trepidation over long-distance journeys in some electric cars,” said What Car? editor Steve Huntingford. “But this outstanding record-breaking run shows that the European road trip should live long into the electric future.”

The team says, though, that the there’s still work to be done. Despite their achievement, they argue that Europe still needs more chargers, with better reliability before EVs are truly on par with combustion vehicles, but they’re well on their way.


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