Porsche Wants 911 Owners To Use This Roof Tent For Their Adventures


If you own a Porsche and are an adventurous spirit, a newly-launched roof tent from Porsche Tequipment could prove to be the perfect accessory.

The tent has been designed to fit the 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and Taycan and features two side windows and a roof window as standard. In its fully extended position, the floor of the tent measures 210 cm x 130 cm (82.6-in x 51.5-in) and comes equipped with a high-density polyfoam mattress.

As anyone who goes camping will tell you, the weather doesn’t always play ball when you want to head outside. As such, the Porsche roof tent has water-resistant zips and a separate rain cover at the entry. An insect guard is also featured to offer protection against mosquitos.

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Porsche says that the tent can be opened by simply opening the lockable safety latches, lifting the hardcase, and keeping it there with the two gas pressure shock absorbers. The foot zone of the floor can then be folded up and stabilized with the telescopic ladder. The tent can then be erected with the four poles.

The hardcase is available with a Black/Light Grey or a Black/Dark Grey finish, both of which are accompanied by a matte black Porsche logo. A number of additional Porsche Tequipment accessories are in the works, including an inner tent, a heated blanket, and a shoe and bag organizer.

While the roof tent does work with the 911, it isn’t compatible with GT, Cabriolet, and Targa variants. The roof tent also limits the top speed of any model to 130 km/h (81 mph).

As for its price, it’ll set back shoppers a cool €4,980 ($4,989), which isn’t what we’d call cheap but isn’t a surprise considering it is a Porsche branded product. It is also cheaper (and much more useful) than some of Porsche’s expensive timepieces.

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