Porsche’s New HD Matrix LED Headlights Can Project Up To 600 Meters


Porsche’s new HD matrix LED headlights also reduce glare on road signs

by Brad Anderson

December 15, 2022 at 05:17

 Porsche’s New HD Matrix LED Headlights Can Project Up To 600 Meters

by Brad Anderson

Porsche has unveiled innovative new headlight technology that it will introduce to its range in 2023.

The new HD matrix LED technology functions for both the low and high beams through two light sources in each assembly. As opposed to having a single high beam matrix in the center of the headlight, the new design incorporates two HD matrix units in the lower section of each headlight.

Each of the four units has 16,384 LEDs or pixels compared to the current single-unit LED matrix lights that have 84 pixels per headlight. The new system was developed alongside Hella/Forvia, Infineon, and Nichia. The lights operate at an intensity of up to 160lx or 300lx with the high beams enabled.

The lights are further differentiated from those used by current Porsche models because of the micro-LED technology which means each LED has the same thickness of a human hair. Porsche notes that on-coming cars can also be blanked out of the light projection thanks in part to a camera mounted within the windshield

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“At 300lx, it is possible to project the high beam up to 600m,” manager Light Module and Regulation head of lighting modules, Benjamin Hummel, told Autocar. “But it is not only about a certain range. You need good light distribution within the whole field, too. We achieved this with four light sources. The brightness of the centre and side areas can be continuously adjusted for added roadside illumination. Greater illumination leads to better lighting performance.”

The new headlights also feature a welcome and departure animation and have settings to reduce glare on road signs. Among the available functions include low and high beams, glare-free high beam, adaptive highway high beam, dynamic safety zone, and sign glare reduction.

Porsche has not yet said which of its models will be the first to use the new HD matrix LED headlights.


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