Praga Teases New Road-Going Hypercar, Debuts Later This Month


Praga has a long history in motorsport and the company is preparing to bring that experience to the road with an all-new hypercar.

Set to debut on November 23rd, the mystery model promises to combine the “holy trinity of performance car design: carbon, petrol, lightweight.” The company also teased it will have titanium exhausts and “extreme performance for enthusiast drivers.”

Praga added this is “no concept” as the model is “real and ready to go. On road. On track.” That’s notable and it sounds like the car could be a successor to the street-legal R1R.

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While that remains to be seen, the car sounds pretty spectacular in a teaser video that was released earlier today. The clip also gives us a look at lightweight wheels that are backed up by an Alcon braking system.

More importantly, the video teases the car’s shape which looks inspired by motorsport. There isn’t much to see, but the model has a wide body and a relatively narrow cockpit.

Additional details will be released as part of the build up to the big unveiling, so stay tuned for full details.

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