Prodrive’s Gaming Drive Simulator Probably Costs More Than Your Car


When you’re a super-wealthy one percenter you can drive just about anything on the planet. At the same time, there are things out of your control like the weather for example. Now, Prodrive has a solution that allows you to drive some of the fastest cars in the world from the comfort of your living room. It’s what they call the most beautiful racing simulator in the world.

We reported on this simulator when it was first announced but it’s worth reviewing some of the important details once again. This simulator isn’t about a specific software package (it ships with Assetto Corsa) but instead focuses on the furniture and functionality aspect of the rig as a whole. When viewed through that lens, its $47,446 (£39,000) price tag might not sound so crazy. After all, that’s just the cost of a mid-range Camaro.

And the Camaro wasn’t designed in part by Ian Callum, the same guy who penned the Jaguar F-Type, the Ford RS200, and the Nissan R390. The Prodrive racing simulator was, and it’s built with materials and features that stand up to a name of that ilk.

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The main canopy of the structure is constructed using no less than 16 layers of steamed birch and then finished in gloss black. Hanging from that wooden structure is a carbon fiber tub that houses the driver’s seat, the screen, the steering wheel, and the pedal box. Callum detailed his thoughts in the comment below.

“There was a very clear vision for this project – to create something technically stimulating and visually striking. Rather than taking the functional and well-trodden route of a car-like structure, we opted for something more abstract, contemporary and elegant. This design intrigues. You know it’s a simulator, but then you have to look again. The sweeping form and ‘piano black’ gloss finish take the Racing Simulator to a whole new place – it’s a piece of furniture that can elegantly sit in a living space.”

The integrated computer utilizes a 12GB GeForce RTX graphics card along with 16 GB of memory. A 49-inch 5k curved monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate is also standard. Owners can use the power-operated pedal box to get the right feel and use an integrated keyboard storage pocket when it’s time to drive. A set of Bowers & Wilkins PX7 noise canceling headphones is also included. Prodrive will even show up at your door with the package to install it in your home.

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