Production Dodge Charger Daytona EV To Offer Multiple Outputs, Unlockable Drift And Drag Modes


One of the biggest unanswered questions about the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept is how powerful it is. While the company didn’t provide numbers, CEO Tim Kuniskis revealed the upcoming production model will be offered with multiple outputs.

Speaking during last night’s debut, Kuniskis said “everybody knows EVs are fast” as “even the boring ones are quick.” However, he suggested upcoming Dodge EVs will be more “chainsaw” than “cordless drill.”

The executive went on to say the production model will be launched with three different power levels that go all the way up to the 800V Banshee propulsion system. The latter promises to make their first EV “faster than a Hellcat in all key performance measures.” The company also noted the “standard all-wheel drive system is key to pushing beyond Hellcat performance, while also improving all-weather capability.”

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Kuniskis went on to say they’re in the process of developing multiple power levels that will be offered through Direct Connection. As a result, the road-going model will have a total of nine different outputs that presumably range from mild to wild.

Speaking of Direct Connection, Kuniskis said it will enable drivers to “unlock the features they want.” While the executive didn’t go into many specifics, he mentioned Slam, Drift, Donut, and Drag modes.

It remains unclear how the unlocking process will work, but it’s possible some upgrades could be delivered over-the-air. That remains to be seen, but Stellantis hasn’t been coy about seeing big dollar signs in on-demand features as well as services and subscriptions.

Going Electric Was Inevitable

For a brand used to pumping out gas-guzzling V8s, going electric feels like a complete 180 and some fans might even consider it an act of betrayal. However, times are changing and Kuniskis noted the auto industry has put $526 (£440 / €521) billion into electrification.

With investments like that, he said “this party is happening” whether you want it or not. Automakers are also determined to make electrification work as Kuniskis noted there’s “no mulligan on half a trillion dollars.”

That’s probably not what fans want to hear, but Kuniskis said their upcoming EVs will look, sound, and drive like Dodges. So while the powertrain may be different, the experience should hopefully be the same.

Picture credits: Michael Gauthier for CarScoops


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