Protesters Glue Themselves To Ferraris At Paris Motor Show, Comes Days After Similar Incident In Germany


Electric vehicles dominated the Paris Motor Show, but that didn’t stop a group of ‘activists’ from throwing a hissy fit and gluing themselves to a handful of old Ferraris.

In a series of self-righteous tweets, the French faction of Extinction Rebellion claimed victory after a “dozen rebels” took part in a protest to “denounce a polluting industry which seeks to wash its image with ‘green’ vehicles.”  They went on to criticize companies for promoting the “individual car as the transport of the future.”

Extinction Rebellion claimed the automotive sector contributes to 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in France and advocated for the “greatest variety of public transport.” They then demanded a “ban on advertising for individual vehicles” and an “improvement in public transport to reduce mobility precariousness.”

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If that wasn’t enough to make your eyes roll, one member apparently poured oil – although some publications are claiming it was paint – onto the Ferraris. In the end, 11 people were reportedly arrested.

The incident at the Paris Motor Show comes days after a similar protest at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. In that incident, members of Scientist Rebellion glued themselves to the floor of a Porsche display.

One of the protestors then had the audacity to complain about their treatment as they tweeted Volkswagen didn’t provide them “with a bowl to urinate and defecate in.” Protestors went on to whine about not being allowed to order food, even though Volkswagen reportedly made some available to them. The entitlement in that statement alone speaks volumes as apparently getting free food after causing a disruption wasn’t good enough.

The protest lasted over 30 hours and Scientist Rebellion made a list of ridiculous demands including a call for a 62 mph (100 km/h) speed limit on motorways. They claimed the move would “immediately reduce emissions by 5.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.”


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