QOTD: Which Carmaker Has The Best Infotainment System?


It was back in 2012 when the Tesla Model S came out that the idea of a giant, almost smartphone-esque infotainment screen was put to practical use on a production vehicle. Today though, Elon Musk says that his company’s infotainment system needs a lot of improvement. A slew of other manufacturers has taken what Tesla started and improved on it dramatically. So that has us wondering which one has done the infotainment system the best so far.

It’s not like Tesla vehicles are poor performers in general though. The landscape-style screen found in the whole lineup is still fast, full of features, and very easy to navigate, but Musk knows that it has its flaws. For one thing, the browser can be a bit laggy and some systems are a bit buried in menus as opposed to readily accessible.

The addition of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay across much of the automotive infotainment landscape has really leveled the playing field. At the same time, we think that a number of systems are impressive well beyond those smartphone integrations.

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The Jeep Grand Wagoneer deserves some attention in this conversation too because when it’s fully optioned it comes with no less than four separate infotainment screens. In addition to the main screen, you’ll find two more in the second row and even one integrated into the front passenger dashboard.

Ultimately it’s hard to avoid giving the new Hyperscreen found in the Mercedes EQS and EQS SUV a lot of consideration too. Sure, it’s not actually one single screen but it’s more than size that matters with regard to the system overall. It’s intuitive, so much so that it’s almost creepy how well it can “learn” its occupants and adapt to their personal habits and preferences.

At the same time, it’s not just the Hyperscreen itself that’s special. The rear seats get their own infotainment systems and then there’s an optional integrated but removable tablet in case leaning forward and using the touchscreen on the seatback is simply too much work.

Still, we understand that there are likely a number of excellent systems that we’ve left out so let us know in the comments below. What’s the best infotainment system available in a production car right now?


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