Readers; What Do You Want More Of In 2023?


As the new year is about to dawn we’re looking back at the year that was 2022 and wondering how we can make your Carscoops experience even better in 2023. We’d like to think that you’ve had a blast with us this year so let’s recap some highlights and give you some topics to consider for the comment section below.

Throughout the year we’ve brought you dozens of scoops about cars and spy photos long before you were ever supposed to know about them. That includes stuff like the KTM GT-XR, the Ferrari Purosangue, and the successor to the Lamborghini Aventador.

We’ve also called out the ridiculously greedy practices of dealerships all across the nation charging outrageous markups on desirable cars. In a few select cases, like this one involving dealers that were advertising $69k markups on the F-150 Lighting, Ford itself intervened. Of course, that hasn’t stopped other dealers from jacking up prices on other vehicles.

More: Ford F-150 Lighting Evidently Bricked While Charging At Electrify America Station

We’ve interviewed figures in the automotive world like ex-Koenigsegg design head Sasha Selipanov. We’ve also covered individuals who have such a passion for cars that they built their own custom creations like Jack Wendel with his C2-inspired C8 Corvette, and Phil Nielson with his bespoke classic Ford Bronco.

Of course, we’ve covered the everyday news. That includes everything from recalls to what the most influential YouTubers are up to on their channels. We’ve also provided you with real-world reviews of cars, trucks, and SUVs before they’ve made it to dealers. Some of our favorites this year include the Toyota GR Corolla, the Cadillac Lyriq, and the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

What we really want though is to continue honing and refining our content for you, the reader. So what can we do better? What do you want more coverage of? While we can’t promise you exactly when something like the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be delivered, we can assure you that we’re going to deliver as much of the content that you want as we possibly can.


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