Release Your Creative Beast And Show Us Your Car-Related #SpiritHallowMeme


Pop culture and yearly celebrations have come together once again to offer something unique. This October it’s been the Spirit Halloween store’s challenge to “bring that costume idea to life.” One thing we haven’t seen much of are car-related spirit memes and we bet you lot can fill that very important void.

Don’t get us wrong, there are a few Spirit Halloween Memes out there with cars or car-people at their heart. We’ll go over some of those in a moment but here’s the general gist for all of you who might live under a rock, don’t pay attention to memes, or like me, have never celebrated Halloween.

Spirit Halloween, the company with those super short-lived stores that pop up and disappear even faster released a challenge on its Twitter account. Bring a costume idea to life, just make sure legal doesn’t have to get involved. We too would like it if you could abide by those guidelines. Here’s the idea from Spirit itself.

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Some folks have really outdone themselves in the process of taking on this challenge. Take, for example, the person who came up with this smackdown of Ferrari and its F1 team. The whole costume sounds awesome aside from the one key ingredient not included, strategy.

Others have been a bit too on the nose potentially. It’s fine to play around but just trying to puff up your own brand as some dealers have attempted isn’t really landing as far as we can tell. One in San Antonio, Texas, McCombs West Ford, has at least four different memes spotlighting different positions in the business. Maybe the funny part is flying right over our heads. You let us know.

Finally, one aimed at Honda Civic owners seems to be so stereotypically on the nose that we can’t help but share it. We’ve included others in the gallery below but the goal is really for you to take the reigns on this one. Use the template provided by Spirit above and show us the best car-related #SpiritHallowMemes.

Here’s your blank #Spirithallowmeme canvas. Go nuts


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