Renault Group Taps Google To Make Its Models Smarter


Renault has strengthened its partnership with Google to improve its system of remote software updates while looking to make its vehicles more car-like.

The French car manufacturer started its partnership with Google in 2018 and has just launched Digital Twin, a virtual twin of the vehicle “that will feature the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities” to enable the easier and continuous integration of new services into the vehicle.

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The software collaboration between the two will also enable a Software Defined Vehicle platform that will use Google Cloud technology to better manage data capture and analytics. This will lead to the creation of predictive maintenance and better detection and rectification of failures in real time if necessary, provide a personalized experience onboard the vehicle that adapts to driving behaviors, and lead to the creation of insurance models based on actual usage and driving behaviors.

Renault will also be able to offer more over-the-air software updates moving forward.

“Equipped with a shared IT platform, continuous over-the-air updates, and streamlined access to car data, the SDV approach developed in partnership with Google will transform our vehicles to help serve future customers’ needs,” Renault Group chief executive Luca de Meo said in a statement. “This will increase residual value and after-sales retention, which are two key drivers of our financial performance, and help Renault to roll out our portfolio of new services.”

Renault will eventually transform its entire operational model to the cloud for better agility, performance, and higher profitability.

“Our collaboration with Renault Group has improved comfort, safety, and connectivity on the road,” Google and Alphabet chief executive Sundar Pichai added. “Today’s announcement will help accelerate Renault Group’s digital transformation by bringing together our expertise in the cloud, AI, and Android to provide for a secure, highly-personalized experience that meets customers’ evolving expectations.”


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